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Dec 17 '13

A foreboding feeling somehow came out in my snowflake for Jake English. I had really liked how my Dave flake had the crow wings flaring out the sides and I wanted to get a little of that sensation in another one. The Hope wings provided such an opportunity. I played with negative and positive to get the most out of the Skulltop outline, and then thought to combine it with the Aspect symbol.  It came out feeling quite threatening with an image of utter destruction superimposed over one of belief and existence. Considering bladekindeyewear’s theory that Jake will serve as host body for Lord English’s entry into the session, I found the contrast suitable. The pistols were standard since all of my beta and alpha kid flakes include their strife specibi, and the bowtie was a natural themed space filler. It really came out coherent as my snowflakes go.

I used a scan of the actual finished product instead of a computer rendering for the doubters. Cutting out spirals is annoying.

I recommend using a strong pair of medium to large scissors since they give enough force to cut through the layers.

Click here for a higher resolution print-out..